Intestinal cleansing with complete peace of mind

So you've decided to try intestinal cleansing? Excellent decision - you're well on the way to continued health. After the treatment you'll have a general feeling of well-being, thanks to the toxins being eliminated from your system. Your skin will glow and your immune system will be enhanced. Here's how to do intestinal cleansing in your own home, with complete peace of mind.

Intestinal cleansing using a probe

There's great news: you can do intestinal cleansing at home, while sitting comfortably on the toilet or better still, while lying down on your left side, so the stomach isn't pressing on the intestines. For colonic irrigation, start the cleansing process by inserting the small probe into the rectum that you will have already attached to the plastic tubes provided. These are for injecting the water in and for flushing it out along with the built-up material collected on the way. If you choose to go with the enema bulb syringe, it works the same way, except that you don't have to attach any tubes - all you have to do is gently insert the nozzle.

Using supplements or herbal products

If you're worried about hurting yourself while doing intestinal cleansing, or you're not sure if you'll do it right, there are commercial cleansing products that can be taken orally. These are dietary supplements or herbal products like psyllium and flax seeds that are well-known to have a laxative effect. By taking them with at least a liter of water you'll make sure to get rid of the waste in your intestines.

Be careful of side effects

We have to advise you that both intestinal cleansing by tube and by supplement could cause some side effects that you must take seriously. You can go from constipation to diarrhea and right to heart failure. That's why our advice before attempting intestinal cleansing is to always consult an expert, and never to do it when you're at home alone.

Follow a balanced diet after cleansing

Have you finished the intestinal cleansing process? Remember to eat yoghurt rich in probiotics to populate your colon properly, and obviously to follow a balanced diet to keep your intestines active and healthy.

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