Let's find out about neck and back pain, including lower back pain

So you've got a little pain in your back... another one in your neck... Let's find out together how to identify pain in the most important parts of the body. But more importantly, let's also take action in our everyday lives: all you need is a little stretching, a mattress with the right pillows and to not wear high heels for work anymore. The result? Neck and back pain, including lower back pain, will be a thing of the past.

Don't lie on the sofa if you want your back to be straight

Do you always have backache? It's likely that you're suffering from lumbago, or lower back pain, which can sometimes radiate to the buttocks and legs. But don't worry, all you need to do is regain the flexibility you've lost. Make the time to do some sports, and when you're relaxing, avoid lying on the sofa in unnatural positions. And there's more: drink lots of water to hydrate your body, your muscles and the discs in your spine. The lumbago hasn't gone away yet? Then help it to heal with some heat packs - it will mean instant relief!

Sit properly to avoid back pain

You know you suffer from back pain, but not to worry - it's usually caused by incorrect posture and you can prevent and cure it with a few simple tips. First of all, keep your spine straight and supported by the back of the chair when you're sitting down. Shoulders should be parallel with the front of your body and don't forget that your arms must be at a 90 degree angle at the elbow.

Back pain? Only wear high heels in the evening

High heels are part of who you are - they make you feel elegant and feminine. But you don't need to give them up entirely to make your back better. Instead, try wearing comfortable shoes with average heels no higher than 5 cm during the day, which won't put your spine in an unnatural and strained position. Keep your high heels for going out at night or for special occasions.

Use an orthopedic pillow for your neck

Do you get headaches a lot? Migraine is often just a symptom of neck pain which is a common ailment caused by incorrect neck posture. It's a common condition these days, and you can prevent it and cure it by using an orthopedic pillow at night that's specifically designed for neck pain. If you also choose a bed with a firm spring and a mattress that keeps its shape, you'll also be helping your back.

Ice packs are good for head injuries

If you've got neck pain because you've had an injury to the head, try applying ice packs to the back of the neck as cold therapy has a pain-reducing effect on the painful area.

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