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  • Arnica, a modern remedy with ancient roots

    It is an evergreen of our everyday-use pharmacopoeia. Arnica has been used for centuries to deal with small daily accidents, ranging from classic bruises to insect bites. A multifaceted remedy that derives directly from the ...

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  • Computer, smartphone or tablet: a how-to guide to protect your ...

    Spend hours glued to your computer or tablet? Joint and muscle pains, and a little eyestrain are right around the corner. What can you do? Let us sort it out: here is some advice for you that could be useful to adopt a correct ...

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  • How to measure oxygenation with a pulse oximeter

    Pulse oximeters are very user-friendly, if you know how to use them and how to interpret values. It’s not complicated! They are indispensible instruments to measure the ratio of oxygen in your blood, which provides important ...

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Helping you choose

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  • Arnica, how to choose the right product

    To choose the most suitable arnica product for your needs, you must first find out more about concepts such as concentration, formulation, and cold treatment. Here is a brief guide to the most important parameters in every ...

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  • Wireless infrared thermometers: beyond fever?

    The era of thermometers that simply took your body temperature and gave you a number is over. Today, a fever can also be measured with a wireless infrared thermometer. These new devices look identical to the classic ones we all ...

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  • The connected blood pressure monitor that talks to your doctor

    Want to always be in touch with your doctor? Then you should choose a connected blood pressure monitor! You have more than one model on the market to choose from, but before buying we recommend carefully evaluating several ...

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  • The aerosol you can wear

    Did you know aerosol therapy just got much easier, thanks to wearable devices? Let’s find out more about this new approach to tackling airway illnesses.

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  • Aerosol devices with Mesh technology

    Thanks to Mesh technology, new-generation aerosol devices merge the benefits of traditional piston models with the quiet functioning of ultrasound versions. Read on, to find out more.

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  • Muscle or joint pain: what’s the difference?

    Over half of the world’s population suffers from muscle or joint pain. Cervical and lumbar back pain top the list, but any one of the 400 joints in our body can easily be affected. Let’s find out the differences between muscle and ...

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  • Mobile Rapid

    The first "all in one" arm monitor from Pic which can be synchronized with your smartphone. This innovation lets you monitor your blood pressure and ...

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  • Pic BodyStation

    Pic BodyStation is the first 6-in-1 multifunctional digital set of scales from Pic that can be synchronized with your smartphone, or used as a normal ...

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