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Pic Engineering

Our know-how at the service of business

Over 60 years' experience of creating leading-edge solutions in medical devices.

Over 26,800 square metres, 6,900 of which have controlled atmospheres, used to transform high-quality raw materials into syringes, needles, cannulae, stylets and dressings.

Unique flexibility at every stage of the production cycle.

This is Pic Engineering today, offering made-to-measure certified solutions for all types of companies. Pic's reputation for superior quality and exclusivity adds value to these products: it is the result of the unique manufacturing know-how accumulated at the Casnate con Bernate plant, near Como in Italy.

Staff at the plant carry out research and development, production, modelling, assembly, sterilization, packaging and quality control as part of an integrated manufacturing cycle, providing companies with the most sophisticated solutions to their needs.

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