Heat therapy


Hot/cold gel pad

Heat and cold, in one product.


A handy reusable gel pad provides your body with warming or cooling relief, depending on your needs. Suitable for all the family, including very young children.


It uses the therapeutic power of heat
or cold to heal you.

How does it do that?

Heat therapy relieves muscle tension, so it is particularly suitable for back pain, sciatica, stiff joints or muscular and rheumatic pain. Cold therapy, however, treats your inflammations, making it suitable for minor bruising as well as more severe injuries, strained and pulled muscles, sprains, burns, bleeding, skin inflammations, insect bites, headache and toothache.


It's a gel that doesn't freeze, and shapes itself to the part of the body it's applied to. And it won't come off when you move. It's also easy to use: for heat therapy, place in boiling water or a microwave, or in a freezer for use as cold therapy.


You can find Thermogel in 4 handy sizes:

Small, 10 x 10 cm:

made from non-woven fabric that's pleasant to the touch. It can be applied directly
on the area to be treated, and because of its small size, you can easily use it even
when the pain is in a very concentrated spot.

Medium, 10 x 26 cm (with protective cover):

The packaging includes a cover that protects the pad
for the most effective use all over the body.

Medium, 10 x 26 cm (with elastic strip):

The robust extendable elastic strip keeps
the pad in place on the treatment area.

Large, 20 x 30 cm:

Thanks to its size and cover with 2 elastic strips, it's particularly suitable
for large areas of the body such as stomach, back, thighs and shoulders.

Knee, 17 x 30 cm (with elastic strip):

Its ergonomic shape has been specifically designed to adhere well
to the knee joint without limiting its movement, whilst the soft,
comfortable elasticated strip prevents the gel pad from slipping when you move.

Made in Italy range

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