How do you feel?


Watch Pic’s films: inspired by the most caring question in the world.

They show how beautiful taking care of each other really is.

It will be good for us.

Pic Connected Health. For a new connection, to your health

Thanks to Pic’s connected devices, we can always monitor our parameters – such as blood pressure, temperature, weight and glycaemia – and those of the people we love. It’s easier than ever.

Even remotely.



Every one of Pic’s solutions is more than a blood pressure monitor, a nebulizer, a plaster. It’s a simple way to show you care, just like asking “How do you feel?”.

A familiar and authentic question we have repeated with every single product in our history, to all the people who take care of themselves and of their loved ones, with big and small daily gestures. All we do is make everything a little easier. 

Find the right Pic solution for you, at the pharmacy.


There is only one, simple question in the world that can help us feel heard, comforted, taken care of. A question that instantly lifts our spirits. Every time you ask, “How do you feel?” you make everything better for someone close to you. And you? How do you feel?

Our story is dedicated to all the people in the world. It is an ode to closeness, to comfort, to the worries we have about our loved ones’ health. It stems from the focus on daily life that has always made Pic stand out: since the beginning, our goal has been to promote health for everyone.
We listen to your needs, and answer with medical devices designed to solve all the small problems in your everyday health, with confidence and serenity.


Nine directors from seven different countries, scattered across the world, have contributed to this project with enthusiasm, sharing their interpretation of what it means to take care of the people we love. They all worked at different scenes at the same time, putting their care, talent and experience in each take, to offer us an original perspective on the question, “How do you feel?” – which is so much more than a simple question, anywhere in the world.
Find out how this story came to life as different video cameras, different minds and hearts intertwined, under the guidance of an Italian creative team and the precious help of dedicated musicians.