Where should injections be done?

Too much medication must not be injected into the arm, and injections can only be done in the buttocks if they're relaxed. And doing it near the kneecap hurts. Here's all the necessary information about injection sites.

First in line for injections are the buttocks

The best area for giving injections is normally considered to be on the front of both buttocks. Usually the injection zone is divided into 4 quadrants: the right spot is in the middle of the upper, outer quadrant. An injection must not be given in the buttocks while standing up; the patient must always be lying down with the hip rotated inwards. This reduces the pain at the injection site as much as possible. It's not suitable for newborns or children under 3 months, as their muscles are not yet developed enough in this area.

Injection into the deltoid muscle

Injections into the upper arm are done in the most compact part of the deltoid muscle, but the volume and number of injections that can be given there is limited due to the smaller surface area. This is the preferred site for administering vaccinations, for example.

Injections near the kneecap

When giving injections in the middle of the front of the thigh, also called the rectus femoris muscle, the drug is absorbed more slowly compared to the arm, although it's quicker than in the buttocks. It's a site that can be used if others aren't recommended for use. One thing you should know? Doctors say that injections in this area can be painful.

Injections in the thigh

Giving an injection in the thigh has a few advantages: the injection site is easily accessible and it's not painful because there are no major blood vessels or nerve structures there. It's often used for children under 3 months of age as the vastus lateralis muscle is more developed in the first months of life.

Injections in the hip

It's easily accessible and the muscle is thickest... which is why the hip is often used as the "target site" for injections for adults and children above the age of 7 months. To locate the injection site, the palm of the hand is placed on the top of the outer part of the thigh where it meets the buttocks. The thumb is pointed towards the groin and the fingers upwards, and what happens? The fingers make a sort of V-shaped triangle, with the index finger separate fom the other 3. The right place to do the injection is right in the middle of the triangle.

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