Wet or dry cough - it's not about weight

Coughing is a protective mechanism by the body to free the windpipe or lungs of substances that can obstruct them, like catarrh, or irritate them, as can happen with cigarette smoke. There are various types of cough; let's learn to recognize them together and treat them with a few simple remedies. What are you waiting for?

Water and propolis is best for dry coughs

Your voice is lower, you've been coughing and you can't hear people right next to you very well? Don't worry, you've probably got a dry cough, which is inflammation of the lungs that can sometimes spread to the ear drum and vocal cords. It's easy to identify because a dry cough doesn't produce catarrh. If the cough persists, talk to your doctor. Before that though, try drinking hot water mixed with honey and propolis, a substance made by bees that has antibacterial properties. Hopefully your dry cough will settle down!

When you've got a wet cough, blowing your nose isn't enough

You can identify a wet cough not just from the classic coughing spasms you get with this condition, but also because your nose will be running like mad. That's when you'll realize that it won't be enough just to keep blowing it. The best idea is to get advice from your doctor, but in the meantime, you can alleviate the symptoms by drinking a few cups of herbal tea with honey and lemon; it's a combination that brings together the soothing effect of the honey and the boost to the system that fruit rich in Vitamin C brings. An alternative? Give nebulizing with mucolytic drugs a go, to try to get rid of the catarrh.

Raise your pillow if you have a cough due to asthma

If you have a cough due to asthma, it will be easier to recognize than these other types as your breathing will be accompanied by wheezing and whistling. In that case, don't hesitate to get your doctor's advice: you'll probably have to take some bronchodilating cortizone-based drugs with a nebulizer. And if you want one of "Grandma's" remedies, which won’t have any therapeutic effect but will help to soothe your cough, try sleeping with your head raised.

Only do a nasal wash if your nose is hurting too

If you notice that you've got a blocked nose with your cough, you might need a good nasal cleanse. You can do that using either a nasal wash or by steaming with salted water.

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