I'm begging you.... please stop snoring!

How many times have you heard the same phrase when you wake up in the morning... Can your partner no longer handle sleepless nights listening to you snore? OK then, the time has come for you to do something about it. First of all, you could put some earplugs under their pillow for them to find, but if you don't want to come across as selfish, keep in mind some of the following suggestions to make sure your bedmate has sweet dreams.

First rule of thumb: sleep on your side

Does your partner tell you that you snore when you're lying on your back? Try changing position. It's a pretty easy solution: if you sleep on your side, your throat will be less constricted and you'll probably snore less.

2 pillows are better than 1

If you're determined to stop snoring, try to sleep with 2 pillows under your head instead of just one. Having your head higher will keep your airways open and clear and support your neck and throat too. It's important to place the pillows so that your spine is in a comfortable position... you don't want to wake up with back and neck pain the next day?!

Do some steaming before going to bed

If you're snoring because you've got a cold, do some steaming with water and baking soda or essential oils before going to bed: it will help to unblock your airways and leave your partner in peace at night.

Relax before going to sleep

Did you know that you might be snoring because you're anxious or stressed out? If you're going through a stressful time, you should try to relax before getting into bed. Think about something that makes you happy, feel peaceful or do a few short breathing exercises.

Give up smoking

One piece of advice? If you really want to stop snoring, and your well-being and your relationship with your partner are important to you, leave cigarettes alone. You need to be aware that smoking isn't just bad for your health, it also obstructs the nasal passages - making you snore on, and on, and on.

A hot shower before bed

One final home remedy: if you have a hot shower before going to sleep, you'll snore less. The steam from the hot water will help to unblock your nasal passages, but on top of that, you'll be even more relaxed after a hot shower.

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