How do you book a medical test?

Has your doctor prescribed a series of tests or a specialist appointment for you, but you have no idea how to book them? Now you can choose different ways of doing it: you can go to the traditional reception desk at your health care provider, call toll-free numbers or visit the relevant Internet sites. Let's have a look at all the options.

For tests and appointments you'll need a medical prescription

First of all, to book a test or specialist appointment, you'll need to take along a prescription from your GP, your own pediatrician or a specialist at a public institution. Make sure that when you're making the booking, the prescription is still valid; it lasts for 2 months after it's been issued by your doctor. And always have your health card with you.

Here's the list of services available without a prescription

Keep in mind that you can book certain appointments yourself without a doctor's prescription, such as dentists, obstetricians/gynecologists, psychologists, pediatricians, child neuropsychiatry and eye doctors (the latter only for eye tests).

Go to the reception desk to book tests

Have you made sure you've got everything you need for booking tests? Good, now you can go ahead. You can book tests or a specialist appointment at the reception desk of your local health care provider. All you need to do is check your region's website or call the specific booking number you'll always find on the Internet pages of public services.

You can go to the pharmacy to book tests

Is the reception desk of your local health service provider too far away? Or maybe its hours aren't convenient? Thanks to new ministerial legislation regarding pharmacies, you can now finally book tests and specialist appointments in the pharmacy too. Find out before you go though whether your nearest one provides this service; it will have to have a working Farmacup counter, which is specifically there for booking tests.

Go online to find toll-free numbers and booking portals

Are you always busy and every free moment is valuable? It's useful to know that each area has dedicated toll-free numbers and online booking portals where you can conveniently book tests and specialist appointments with a few clicks of the mouse. Search online to access all the sites and necessary information to book the tests you need. One piece of advice? Don't forget to enter the area you live in.

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