Am I pregnant? Don't panic!

Feel different? A bit strange? It's normal: you're pregnant! Keep calm, and use little daily rituals to help you come to terms with this new situation. Combat stress by listening to music and talking to your baby in the womb. Don't get worked up about things like the number of kicks or the exact date of the baby's birth.

For a stress-free pregnancy, talk to your tummy!

So you're pregnant! Talk to your baby and get used to this new presence inside you. Imagine he or she is listening. It's a great way of overcoming fear and anxiety about this transformation in your life.

When you’re pregnant, switch on the stereo

Scientific studies have shown that babies in the womb respond to auditory stimuli such as music and speech. Need to relax? Easy, switch on the stereo and listen to your favourite music. It'll be a sweet symphony for your ears, and your baby's.

Touch your tummy

Stroking your stomach is an instinctively protective gesture for many mothers to be, and enhances your emotional symbiosis with your child. To make the experience even more pleasant, use massage oil or cream to banish stress!

Don't be anxious if you don't get pregnant

Want to get pregnant, but things not going the way you wanted? The first rule is try to restrain your anxiety, and it's also important not to feel guilty. Being stressed won't help you to get pregnant: on the contrary, chronic nerves and anxiety can take the magic out of having a baby.

Don't worry, your time will come!

Another thing to avoid if your pregnancy doesn't work out is taking it out on your partner. Situations like this lead to performance anxiety, which changes your dynamics as a couple and your relationship with your partner. If this relationship is important to you, adopt a zen philosophy: don't worry, the time will come when you can finally announce to the world that you're pregnant.

Don't spend all day listening to your tummy!

Less kicking in your womb today? Don't be paranoid, and don't obsessively count the number of kicks. Some babies are more active, others less so. They say that a healthy pregnancy is one where the baby kicks 10 times in 12 hours: this has some scientific basis, but should not be interpreted literally. It's OK to listen to your stomach for 10 minutes, 3 times a day.

The big unknown: when your baby will be born

If you're pregnant and have a passion for sums, bear in mind that no one can predict the exact date your baby will be born. Forget the calendar for a moment: your gynaecologist will give you an idea of when it's most likely to occur. And if the birth is a few days late, don't worry: it will happen sooner or later, and there's no need to be alarmed.

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