All types of "breathing difficulties"

Sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, laryngitis and ear infections: five different names to describe inflammation of your airways. What's the remedy? From a Turkish bath for the nose to treatment with antibiotics, we'll show you all the different choices you have to deal with these different forms of inflammation, which often occur in the winter. If you've got an infection, though, you'll need to see the doctor.

To treat sinusitis, try a Turkish bath for your nose

Have you got sinusitis? You'll know, because you'll have noticed that you have trouble breathing and your head will feel heavy. That's right: sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucus linings that stops the upper airways from functioning properly. If your doctor confirms the diagnosis, the first step is to say goodbye to smoking and inhale some steam a couple of times a day: you can easily do steam inhalation with salted water using just a basin and a towel. All you need to do is inhale the vapour from your heated mixture through both your nose and mouth.

Use a nasal wash for rhinitis

If you've got rhinitis, your nose will feel "dry" and you'll have some trouble swallowing: these are the classic symptoms of this type of inflammation of the airways. What can you do about it? That's easy, we recommend a micronized nasal wash, which is a device that you attach to a piston nebulizer, so you can give your nasal passages a good clean out and get rid of secretions. As well as guaranteeing to get things clean, the nasal wash also eliminates pollen, a major culprit that causes allergic rhinitis. 

A natural solution for a sore throat

Pharyngitis  is an inflammation of the pharynx. In layman's terms, it's called a sore throat and can be chronic or severe. In the latter case, you'll have to ask your doctor which drugs to use. If instead it's a mild or seasonal type of sore throat, you can opt for a natural remedy like propolis or eucalyptus, which helps to disinfect the mouth and throat.

When it's laryngitis, rely on decongestants or antibiotics

Has your voice gone so low it's dropped off the scale? If you're an avid smoker, it shouldn't surprise you; it's all to do with laryngitis, an inflammation of the vocal cords. Keep in mind that the main symptoms of laryngitis are hoarseness, dry cough, a painful sore throat and you might even have a fever sometimes. If that's the case, you'll have to go to the doctor, who will probably prescribe some decongestant drugs to alleviate the dryness caused by the inflammation. And what if you've got an infection? Your doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics that's right for you.

Treat an inflamed ear with a warm cloth

So your ear is bright red or you're not feeling so well? You might have otitis, inflammation of the ear. If your child has it, you'll recognize it right away because he'll cry inconsolably and shake his head a lot. If that's what it is, it's better for both you as an adult and your child to sleep with your head raised to reduce swelling, and to put a warm cloth over the ear. As long as the eardrum isn't perforated, and only with doctor's advice, you can use pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ear drops, or in the case of infection, antibiotics.

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