5 reasons to connect to health every day

Connected health devices can add wellbeing to your daily habits: from monitoring your weight to measuring your temperature, from blood pressure values to glucose levels – you can save everything in real time and share it with your loved ones or with your doctor. Here are five good reasons for you to use connected devices to monitor your health and keep it up to date.

Your smartphone isn’t just for checking social media notifications or sending messages. Today, new smart technologies for health allow you to transform a telephone into a support tool for your wellbeing. Devices such as scales, blood pressure meters, thermometers or glucometers can connect via Bluetooth® to apps dedicated to your health, which you can download on your smartphone to have innovative features that help you take care of your health with a simple tap. Here’s why they might be right for you:

1 - All data in one place

Have you saved your health parameters in different applications, making it tiring to organise them and have a general overview? Some connected healthcare devices – from scales to blood pressure meters – can make your life easier. Why? Because, in addition to reliability, they offer a simplified service to record and store different monitoring parameters on a single, safe and accessible digital platform, in order to have a complete clinical picture of your health conditions always at hand.

2 – Apps can set reminders for therapy and upcoming check-ups

If your planner has too many appointments and things to remember already, how about dedicating one exclusively to your health? Health apps can create an agenda specifically to remind you to take medication or go to your next visit at the doctor’s.

3 – Connected devices keep your health always on hand

Do you know how important it is to have a chronological data set, for example, of blood pressure values? A simple smartphone, tablet or device connected to a network can make your health data available anytime and anywhere. If you need them urgently or want to share them with a doctor, you can do it easily! 

4 - Connected devices help improve monitoring and therapy compliance

How? Connected healthcare devices are simple to use and give you added incentive to faithfully follow your doctor’s directions. Constant monitoring and easy access to all data on your smartphone or tablet allow you to better adhere to therapy by always checking progress. With connected devices, you take the lead in your health!

5 - Connected devices keep your loved ones closer

Connected health devices are great allies to always be updated on the health status of the people you love. Thanks to these technologies, even when physically distant, you can receive all the information you need on your smartphone to take action accordingly in case of need.

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