Quick, easy to read, and non-invasive: introducing infrared thermometers

A stress-free way to measure your body temperature. If you're in a hurry, you don't have time to take any clothes off, or your child won't stay still, an infrared thermometer is the perfect choice.

An infrared thermometer is a stress-free temperature measurement solution. This handy device takes seconds to give a figure in Celsius and clearly diagnose a fever.

Simplicity is everything

An infrared thermometer is easy to read, and we particularly recommend it if you're short of time, you don't want to remove any clothes, or your child won't stay still. It tends to cost more than other thermometers, but it's a great investment.

Infrared thermometers are non-invasivei

An infrared thermometer is a non-invasive way of measuring temperature. It's very easy to use, whether you choose a contactless model or one that has to be placed in contact with the skin on the forehead or in the ear, and takes hardly any time to record the temperature.

The time factor

Compared to the 3 minutes required by a traditional thermometer to measure body temperature, an infrared thermometer can give you a response in the blink of an eye. It generally takes 2 to 5 seconds for an infrared thermometer to measure your body temperature. Thermometers inserted in the ear are slightly quicker than those applied to the forehead.

A child-friendly solution

If you're a parent, you'll know that children may regard having their temperatures taken as a form of torture. An infrared thermometer makes the process much easier, and you can use it even if they're moving or asleep.

The right choice for adults in a hurry

Apart from babies and children, an infrared thermometer is an ideal solution if you're an adult always in a hurry. You don't need to wait until your lunch break, take any clothes off, or shut yourself away in the bathroom. You can take your temperature in the office or the car while travelling on business. This type of thermometer is extremely practical, giving you a fast readout of your body temperature while you're performing other daily tasks.

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