Colonic irrigation: enema kit or enema spray with a rigid or a soft nozzle?

These words might make it seem like a children’s game, but it isn't. We're talking about products to help you do colonic irrigation yourself at home, with complete peace of mind, and without having to go to the doctor or the hospital. Medical technology is constantly changing and nowadays it can provide all the equipment you need to do colonic irrigation conveniently in your own home. Let's go through all the solutions together that might work for you - and your intestines.

The first time you do colonic irrigation

If you've decided to give your system a clean-out, it may be the first time you'll deal with colonic irrigation. But not to worry; you don't have to go to the hospital, as you can do it yourself conveniently at home. Basically, there are 3 products on the market to choose from: the enema kit, or enema sprays with rigid or soft nozzles. And they're all for the same thing - cleansing your intestines.

You can do an enema at home

If you're at home or somewhere else that's comfortable, the enema kit allows you to completely cleanse the intestines, with no hassle. It's an efficient system, even though it has a few components that need connecting. What does it involve? There are 5 separate parts: the irrigator, the plastic bag or rigid container with a capacity of 2 liters with graduated scale, tubing and 2 probes, one for anal irrigation and one for vaginal cleansing. With the enema kit, you'll be able to cleanse the whole length of your colon efficiently. Do remember though that it works with gravity, so make sure to hang the bag up higher than you are.

An enema kit that fits in your suitcase

Keep in mind that, although the enema kit can be quite complicated with its various parts, you can also buy travel systems that have a kit that's designed to take up no room at all in a suitcase without losing out on quality.

If you're in a rush, choose the enema sprays with soft or rigid nozzles.

If instead you don't have much time or you need to do colonic irrigation urgently, we suggest the traditional enema spray. It's a small enough piece of equipment that it can fit in your pocket or the handbag you take shopping. If you're dealing with a child, keep in mind that time is of the essence and you'll have no choice but to choose between the enema spray with soft nozzle or rigid nozzle. It would be difficult for your little one to get used to as complicated a procedure as the enema kit.

Enema sprays with soft or rigid nozzles: they’re similar but not the same

You're right, at first glance, enema sprays look a lot alike because of their shape. In actual fact, they differ in a few small ways, even if they're basically interchangeable when used. Let's start with the enema spray with rigid nozzle; it's made up of 2 distinct pieces that come apart - a rubber bulb syringe and a rigid nozzle. This allows the bulb syringe to be completely cleaned out after use. Make sure to insert the nozzle properly into the bulb syringe to avoid any risk of it detaching inside your intestines. Then there's the bulb syringe with soft nozzle, made of rubber entirely in one piece that doesn't come apart. As they can't be separated, you'll have to make sure to fill it and empty it a few times to clean it.

Let's take a look at the capacity of the enema sprays

Enemas using a bulb syringe with either rigid or soft nozzle can be adjusted to suit your needs. Usually the bulb has a capacity that varies from a minimum of 25 milliliters of water or other solutions, up to a maximum of 180 milliliters for more intensive colonic irrigation.

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