The best apps for managing diabetes

It's all thanks to technology: nowadays you can even manage diabetes on your mobile phone. You can download lots of different apps that are all for the same purpose - to help you monitor your diabetes. They're important digital companions that track glucose in the blood, remind you when to take your medication and give you nutritional information about specific foods.

A diabetes diary with the mySugr Companion app

Are you familiar with MySugrCompanion? It's an app for smartphone that can be downloaded from Android Market or iTunes that offers you an interactive diary for controlling diabetes as a game. To reach specific targets and win personal challenges, you have to collect points by tracking your blood sugar levels, reminding yourself to take your insulin and eating the right food.

An app that's tailor-made for your friend glucose

Glucose Buddy is a free app only available in English for registering the chronology of blood sugar values, the number of carbohydrates consumed, insulin doses and physical activity. It's like a mathematical archive of diabetes that allows you to visualize data at any time by creating a personal online account. You can download the app from Android and iTunes too.

A reminder app for diabetes drugs

OnTrack Diabetes is an app that's currently only available for Android that allows you to track blood sugar levels, hemoglobin, weight and other important parameters for diabetes. You can set up the app like a planner so you have a punctual reminder to take your insulin injections or so you don't forget your diabetes medication.

A helper app to measure the progress of diabetes

Presenting Glucose Diary and Diabetes Assistant: they're two apps for smartphone that work with Android and iOS. They're similar, but useful if you have diabetes: what's so special about them? They allow you to have a complete log of what the glucose in your blood is doing, and do calculations with the data and graphs automatically generated by the app.

Have your say in the PicCommunity

Do you like sharing advice? Listening to other people's experiences and comparing yours to theirs is a valuable support for dealing with diabetes. A fast system to chat virtually, share and exchange opinions and sign up to an online discussion group like PicCommunity. It's a digital community where you'll be able to find lots of advice and detailed information on key issues about diabetes. Some examples? Diabetes and nutrition, or when diabetes happens during pregnancy. And there's also the Diabetictionary, a useful glossary of all the most common words associated with the world of diabetes. So you'll always understand what everything means!

As you're well aware, only your doctor or diabetes specialist can give you guidance about diabetes treatment and the choices of various devices. The aim of this article is to suggest ideas and information to help enhance the discussion with your doctor, so that you can find the solutions that are right for you and your lifestyle together.

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