The connected blood pressure monitor that talks to your doctor

Want to always be in touch with your doctor? Then you should choose a connected blood pressure monitor! You have more than one model on the market to choose from, but before buying we recommend carefully evaluating several aspects: from data accessibility to the type of apps that can be combined with the monitor. Here is a short guide to help you choose.

Did you know that connected blood pressure monitors make consulting your doctor easier? Compared to traditional blood pressure monitors, devices connected to your smartphone or tablet guarantee fast and easy sharing of blood pressure values with your doctor, thanks to the features of the apps paired with them. All we have to do now is go through an overview of all the tools new connected blood pressure monitors offer to communicate with your doctor, from e-mails to dedicated platforms. Let’s see all the options.

Blood pressure data by e-mail or in a shared folder

Once you have recorded your blood pressure data with the app connected to your monitor, you can choose how to send them. In some cases, a complete file will already be available, for example with a chart or your blood pressure measurement history, which you can easily send to your doctor as an e-mail attachment. In other cases, the app may store data directly in the cloud, so they will always be available to you and to your doctor from any connected device.

Choose a blood pressure monitor connected with a certified app

The health of your heart is important and we suggest you entrust it to a connected blood pressure monitor paired with a certified app, custom designed according to the regulations in place for medical devices, to ensure your measurements are correct and reliable. To be safe, we also recommend choosing a connected blood pressure monitor that also stores readings on the device itself, in order to always have a “physical” back-up of your data.

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