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  • Exploring the world of thermometers

    Glass, digital or infrared? Which is the right type for you: the quickest or the most reliable? We help you to choose between the pros and cons of each type of thermometer to take your temperature.ea.

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  • What do you put in a first aid kit?

    Research indicates there are an average of 1.2 domestic accidents per person in Italy every year. That's a good reason to always have a first aid kit close at hand, but if you don't know what to put in it, let us help you.

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  • Shivering can help with pain

    Cold therapy can really help you to alleviate the pain of small everyday problems like a basic bruise or an insect bite. There are many products that take advantage of the power of cooling, from traditional ice bags to synthetic ...

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  • Blood sugar monitoring to suit everyone's needs

    Did you know that you can adapt your blood sugar meter to suit your needs and preferences? From the dimensions of the display to the capacity of the memory and the convenience factor. Here's a short guide to help you talk to your ...

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  • A guide to the world of blood pressure monitors

    You need to buy a blood pressure monitor, but you don't know how to choose. We'll guide you through the various types and help you find the right one for your everyday situation: the pros and cons of each one, how accurate and ...

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  • Every injection has its own type of syringe

    Let's find out together which is the right syringe for each injection, from insulin and antibiotics to light-sensitive drugs. Also, how long are the needles? And are the same syringes used for children?

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  • Nebulizers, piston versus ultrasonic

    So you want to buy a nebulizer? There are a lot of different models on the market: some are quicker, some more efficient, while some make more noise and some are less costly. Let's choose the right one for you together.

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  • Pregnancy tests in your home

    As you know, a home pregnancy test is perhaps the quickest and most convenient way to find out whether you're pregnant. If you want to avoid the rigmarole of booking and waiting for a laboratory test, which you will need if the ...

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  • 24/7 blood pressure monitoring

    If your doctor prescribes 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, also known as Holter monitoring, you'll spend a day wearing a recorder the size of a cigarette packet attached to a cuff on your left or right arm. This ...

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