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  • Wireless infrared thermometers: beyond fever?

    The era of thermometers that simply took your body temperature and gave you a number is over. Today, a fever can also be measured with a wireless infrared thermometer. These new devices look identical to the classic ones we all ...

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  • The connected blood pressure monitor that talks to your doctor

    Want to always be in touch with your doctor? Then you should choose a connected blood pressure monitor! You have more than one model on the market to choose from, but before buying we recommend carefully evaluating several ...

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  • Colon cleansing: good or bad for you?

    Colon cleansing is an age-old practice dating as far back as Ancient Egypt. This particular type of cleanse has always been used to rebalance the digestive system, restore colon functionality and prevent issues such as chronic ...

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  • Nasal cleansing: yes, but how?

    Today, many doctors and paediatricians recommend nasal irrigation as a practice for healthy airways in the young and old: this has led to the wide range of products for nasal cleansing we find on the market at the moment. However, ...

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  • The right blood pressure monitor if you have diabetes

    Do you have both diabetes and high blood pressure? It’s normal: these 2 conditions are often closely connected, and you should monitor both carefully. So, don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends using a glucometer as well as ...

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  • SOS: ice and wrapping are the best first aid for sprains

    It's a well-known fact that sprains are the most common orthopedic injuries. For years, the main treatment was a plaster cast, but the various types of bandages available these days mean you can avoid that, as well as the ...

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  • Syringes and disinfectant wipes for performing injections with ...

    What's the right equipment needed for doing an injection safely and with complete peace of mind? That's easy: a syringe and a disinfectant wipe. Here's a guide to find out what's available these days: from disposable syringes to ...

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  • Total immersion in the world of disposable syringes and needles

    From disposable syringes and holders, which are devices used with disposable needles, to pre-filled syringes. The world of needles: are you familiar with the "butterfly" needle?

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  • Everything you need to know about natural sweeteners for diabetes

    There are new sweeteners available like stevia aimed at helping people with diabetes deal with their blood glucose levels. Here we'll talk all about their characteristics, properties and their pros and cons, to help make your ...

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