Fast measurement for all

Help Rapid

Blood pressure monitor with rigid arm cuff

Fast, clear and ready
to put on.


It's an automatic digital upper arm blood pressure meter with a shaped Pic Ready cuff that's easy to put on and position correctly. Its innovative design, inspired by DLS, means it is more ergonomic and practical to use.
It also uses Rapid Tech – Comfort Experience technology, which ensures
a fast and comfortable experience, because it measures as the cuff inflates.
Like all products in the Rapid range, Help Rapid has also been clinically validated according to ESH protocol (European Society of Hypertension).


Thanks to the Pic Ready cuff and Rapid Tech – Comfort Experience technology, Help Rapid makes checking blood pressure every day easier—
it's fast, practical and thorough. This is a huge benefit to people who have never measured blood pressure before, or who need to monitor readings
regularly throughout the day.


The main feature of Help Rapid is the shaped Pic Ready cuff, which is ergonomic and ready to use. It's easy to put on and position, and is particularly helpful if you're uncertain about how to measure blood pressure. Help Rapid also has a lot of other features that make it a useful device for thorough monitoring. For example, the visual gauge shows blood pressure levels, while the heartbeat indicator enables you to monitor your cardiac health and will alert you to any possible irregularities.
In addition, the arm movement monitor gives you useful information whilst measuring, as well as the ability to memorize up to 200 readings divided into 2 areas—either for 2 people, or for checking both in the morning and evening. This enables you to create a clinical diary that is continuously updated, which you can share with your doctor.


Help Rapid and its shaped Pic Ready cuff come in a practical pack
that's designed to go everywhere with you, every day, no matter how
short the journey.
Help Rapid is guaranteed for 5 years. 


DLS stands for Design Language Solution, the philosophy followed in all Pic products, created to match your specific needs and inspired by natural forms.
Families tell us they want simplicity, and we've responded to the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion. Our products incorporate rounded forms, the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and a slim, pleasing design.
These are just a few of the improvements we've made to our products, and now it's up to you to experience them for yourself.

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