A sample bottle for medical tests that's right for you

Did you know that safety measures regarding the collection of biological material for medical testing is more important than ever? From the material the container's made of to the instruments that help make the technicians' work easier, we'll give you advice about making sure that your specimen arrives at the lab safely without compromising the results of the medical tests you're about to do.

Sample bottles made of PET are practically indestructible

If you want to be sure not to lose or break the sample bottle, you should choose one made of PET, a virtually indestructible plastic. That way your specimen is guaranteed to be kept completely safe on the way from your house to the lab. Keep in mind that sample bottles come in various sizes with screw tops, depending on what the medical test requires.

You can't go wrong with a urine sample bottle with pipette

Do you want to make the job of analyzing your specimen even easier for the lab technicians? You can do that by using urine sample bottles that come with a special device that allows the organic specimen to be transferred from there to the test tube without having to take the top off. The result is that the risk of infection and contamination is really reduced to a minimum.

The technicians will thank you for this special stopper

Another solution that makes work easier for doctors and nurses is the urine sample bottle with a special stopper. We'll explain: it's a container with a stopper that's specially designed for inserting the dropper used for transferring the specimen. What's the advantage? It means that the technician no longer has to open the bottle you've delivered with your urine sample in it anymore; all he has to do is transfer the urine to the test tube with the appropriate dropper.

Buy the sample bottle from an automatic dispenser

It's important for you to know that usually you can only buy containers for urine and stool collection during the set hours that the pharmacy is open. These days, however, you can get them from automatic dispensers outside some pharmacies. Self-service for medical testing specimen containers is here - and that's convenient, right?

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