Nebulization therapy devices

AirFamily Evolution

Aerosol for the whole family

A new type of aerosol
for the modern family.


AirFamily Evolution is a technologically advanced, all-in-one complete aerosol that has been created for the whole family, in line with Pic's DLS philosophy.


It simplifies and speeds up every phase of aerosol therapy, from preparation to storage. How? Its convenient handle allows it to be moved around easily, and the accessory compartment means you always have everything you need at your fingertips.

When it comes to accessories, as well as having 2 masks for adults or children, there is also a nasal fork, a mouthpiece, the exclusive Pic Acti Fast Pro cup and the integrated cup holder, which keeps the cup in place and avoids any medication being lost.


The exclusive Pic Acti Fast cup, which nebulizes 20%* more quickly for a fast,
targeted aerosol therapy treatment.

*Compared with the Pic Air range average.


AirFamily Evolution arrives in your home complete with everything you need:

  • 1 Pic Acti Fast Pro nebulizer cup
  • 1 soft adult mask
  • 1 soft child mask
  • 1 nasal fork
  • 1 connecting tube

The pack also includes an aerosol pouch to protect the unit between uses.


DLS stands for Design Language Solutions, the philosophy followed in all Pic products, responding to people’s specific needs and inspired by natural forms.
Families told us they wanted simplicity, and we took up the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion.
We've made many improvements to our products, and you can see and feel them for yourself.
They include the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and clear, reassuring outlines.

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