To administer insulin therapy

Insupen Advanced 34G

Insupen Advanced 34G pen needles

Pic’s smallest and most delicate pen needle meets Advanced technology.


Insupen 34G is Pic’s shortest and thinnest pen needle in the Insupen Advanced range, the crowning achievement of the Indolor Experience™ research.


Thanks to the technology it shares with the entire Advanced range, Insupen 34G offers you a quick, delicate and easy injection, relieving any fear of needles and discomfort.


First of all, its size: the external 0.18-mm diameter makes injections less invasive and more delicate, while the 3.5-mm length allows the needle to reach the correct subcutaneous injection area.

Indeed, Insupen Advanced 34G is the thinnest and shortest pen needle in Pic’s Insupen range, and represents remarkable progress towards extremely delicate injections.




Furthermore, Insupen Advanced 34G x 3.5mm offers all of the technological innovation of Advanced pen needles. First, Rapid Flow makes the needle’s walls thinner to increase flow.

Second, Soft Sharpening – a special triple sharpening of the needle – makes injections less invasive and therefore more comfortable.

Finally, the Easy Sliding technology lubricates the outer walls of the needle so it slides effortlessly.

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