To administer insulin therapy

Insupen 34G Advanced

Insupen 34G Advanced pen needles

What you see is what you feel.


Insupen 34G Advanced is the shortest, thinnest and most delicate pen needle in Pic’s range. Designed according to Indolor™ Experience principles, for your comfort at every injection.


Insupen 34G Advanced offers you an easy and comfortable injection experience, minimising any fear of needles or discomfort.


  • Its size: it measures 0.187 mm in external diameter, and 3.5 mm in length.
  • Rapid Flow: the reduced thickness of the needle’s walls increases insulin flow.
  • Soft Sharpening: the triple sharpening is designed to minimise friction with the skin during injection, requiring less penetration force for a delicate and comfortable injection.
  • Easy Sliding silicone coating: the specific anti-friction treatment of the external walls helps the needle slide into the skin.

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