For blood glucose test

Pic GlucoTest

Glucose meter kit

Measures your
 blood glucose 
so gently you
 hardly notice it.


A complete kit to measure your blood sugar levels with a glucose monitor, lancing device, lancets to draw blood, reactive test strips and absorbent pads. It is created by Indolor ExperienceTM and inspired by the new Design Language Solution philosophy.


It makes testing your blood glucose quick, easy and almost painless.

The kit has everything you need to carry out a test in 4 simple steps.

It's always ready to use, and gives the result in just 5 seconds.

You can also classify measurements by pre/post meal, be warned of possible hypoglycaemic episodes, and receive reminders to carry out tests 2 hours after meals (up to 4 reminders a day).

Its intuitive interface lets you view the last measurements, check the averages of previous results and download the values to your PC.


Pic's exclusive Rapid Draw Technology, the result of research by Indolor ExperienceTM, reduces the quantity of blood required for testing to just 0.3 microlitres.

Result? The puncture is almost pain free, because you use a thinner lancet to take the right quantity of blood from near the surface of your skin, and there's less risk of having to make repeated punctures because the sample is not large enough.


Pic GlucoTest comes in a handy case with all the following accessories:

  • 1 glucose meter (battery included)
  • 1 lancing device
  • 10 reactive test strips with Rapid Draw Technology
  • 5 30G sterile lancets
  • 5 thinner 32G sterile lancets
  • 10 absorbent pads
  • 1 test strip for your first measurement
  • 1 personal diary


DLS stands for Design Language Solutions, the philosophy followed in the development of Pic products, responding to people’s specific needs and inspired by natural forms. Families told us they wanted simplicity, and we took up the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion. We've made many improvements to our products, and you can see and feel them for yourself. They include rounded forms, the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and clear, reassuring outlines.

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