For blood glucose test

GoGlic Smart

Smart glucometer kit

to make
self-monitoring simpler for you.


A new, simple and connected kit to measure your blood sugar levels, designed after deeply listening to people’s needs and developed according to the Indolor Experience™ principles: ease of use, innovation and great care for everyone’s daily habits.


It allows you to measure your glycaemia clearly and discreetly, with a technologically advanced device that offers the option to connect to the Pic Health Station app.


GoGlic Smart connects via Bluetooth to the Pic Health Station app, which allows you to store, tag, view your measurements and share them with your doctor. It provides you with precise records of your blood sugar levels, always at hand.

Another special feature is the GoGlic Smart’s innovative ColoResult, a color-coding system that quickly shows if results are low, high or within a given range: this innovation, with the backlit display and insertion slot, makes measuring your blood sugar levels even clearer and easier.

Furthermore, the GoGlic’s compact size makes it discreet and practical, without having to compromise on additional functionalities: you can sort measurements depending on whether they were taken before or after a meal, store and tag up to 1,000 values, and count on the “ketone alarm” warning you if your blood sugar levels are 240 mg/dL or above.

Finally, the GlicTest test strip has a remarkable technological heart: the innovative 2-Scan Tech that is able to record values by performing a double analysis on red blood cells and plasma.


The GoGlic Smart kit is available in a convenient pouch, including all the accessories you need:

  • 1 glucometer (battery included)
  • 1 lancing pen with lancet ejection system
  • 10 GlicTest test strips
  • 5 30G sterile lancets
  • 5 32G sterile lancets
  • 1 personal journal


DLS stands for Design Language Solutions, the philosophy followed in the development of Pic products, responding to people’s specific needs and inspired by natural forms. Families told us they wanted simplicity, and we took up the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion. We've made many improvements to our products, and you can see and feel them for yourself. They include rounded forms, the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and clear, reassuring outlines.

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