World Blood Donor Day

June 14, 2016

The event, run by the World Health Organization, is also an expression of gratitude to donors and a reminder of the medical and social benefits of collecting blood, and persuading more people, particularly the young, to donate. It features information and collection points in large numbers of public spaces around the world. This year's host country will be the Netherlands.
Giving blood is also about giving hope: the hope of a better quality of life for people receiving multiple transfusions, survival for those affected by natural disasters, a cure for families unable to afford the transfusions they need.


Financial aspects are fundamental in this battle for a better world. Only 62 countries are close to 100% self sufficiency in blood from volunteer donors; all the others still rely on donations from family members or paid strangers. One objective of World Blood Donor Day is to encourage individual countries' health authorities to promote education and information with a view to achieving total self sufficiency from volunteers.