The perfect temperature for sweet dreams

We spend 30% of our time sleeping. The ideal temperature in a bedroom to wake up well-rested is no warmer than 20° C (68° F), but also keep in mind the air we breathe in while we're sleeping. These are all factors that affect your cognitive performance, and should always be a priority if you want to preserve your long-term health and well-being.

The ideal temperature for sleeping shouldn't be warmer than 20 degrees

Did you know that the ideal temperature in your bedroom should vary between 18° - 20°C (64,4° - 68° F), and that moisture levels shouldn't fall below 50%? Having enough moisture is vital, because if there's not enough, the mucous linings and skin can become dry. But if there's too much moisture, you run the risk of having fungus and mold on the walls, which can cause problems for your airways.

Choose radiant heat to get the best temperature

If you're renovating your house, think about what sort of heating system to install too. For maximum comfort, in terms of temperature and the way we experience heat, you'll have to choose a low temperature radiant heating one, such as underfloor, ceiling or wall systems for heating your home, with a water flow at 30° C (86° F). They're the latest major technological innovation: give it some thought, it might be worth it.

Mechanical ventilation systems for the ideal temperature and moisture levels

If you want to maintain an ideal temperature and the right moisture levels, there's more choice than just using a humidifier. It's true that they purify the air, but they don't replace it. An alternative to consider is a mechanical ventilation system, a device that fits into a single window and allows air to be replaced, keeping moisture levels constant at the same time, so you can sleep peacefully.

Carbon dioxide affects your sleep

Did you know that carbon dioxide isn't just responsible for the greenhouse effect, but it's also a gas that can affect your sleep? If you don't constantly replace the air in your bedroom, it can collect naturally, and the result? You'll wake up on the wrong side of the bed with an annoying feeling of tiredness.

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