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  • Error-free blood pressure measurement

    It's time to check your blood pressure! Here's some simple, practical advice on how to do this correctly, including how to hold your arm, how to repeat the measurement, and what to do during and after the process.

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  • Going to school with diabetes

    If your child has diabetes and is already going to school, we've got some simple advice to make his day better: from planning when he gets to eat sweets to monitoring his blood sugar levels. What's the very first step? If your ...

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  • 5 common myths about diabetes, from diet to lifestyle

    A lot of cliches going around about diabetes haven't always been confirmed. Here are 5 myths about diabetes that need to be debunked immediately: from diet to sugar consumption and insulin injections.

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  • All types of "breathing difficulties"

    Sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, laryngitis and ear infections: 5 different names to describe inflammation of your airways. What's the solution? From a Turkish bath for the nose to treatment with antibiotics, we'll show you all ...

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  • Get acquainted with your pregnancy

    Think you may have a baby on the way, but not sure? Find out with a pregnancy test. We look at how it works, hormone measurement, the best time to take it, and some simple suggestions to make sure you get the correct result.

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  • "Add salt to taste": when to say no

    Eating too much salt is one of the main causes of arterial hypertension. You need less than 5 grammes a day, but you may be unwittingly consuming much more, increasing the risk of high blood pressure. But don't be alarmed: ...

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  • How many types of injection are there?

    Let's learn more about the varied world of parenteral administration via injection: from intramuscular to endovenous methods, each type of injection has its own associated drugs and relative absorption rates of their active ...

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  • The healing process of a wound

    Congratulations: the treatment you did worked! Here are some symptoms and signs to help you understand if your wound is recovering in a normal length of time. You'll only need a few tests to make sure you're on the right road.

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  • You can get over a fear of needles!!

    You're not an alien if you're scared of needles: between 10 and 20% of the population has some intolerance towards needles and injections, just like you do. But don't worry, because we'll now explain how to overcome this little phobia.

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