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  • Intramuscular injections in 10 steps

    Do you want to know more about intramuscular injections? We'll go through the A to Z of administering an intramuscular injection with a disposable syringe, from the necessary equipment to massaging the injection site afterwards.

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  • Have you sprained something? Here's what to do! !

    If you'd had a sprain to the knee or ankle, for example, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms and how to deal with it in the right way, with complete peace of mind. Here are a few simple first aid rules... so you'll know ...

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  • It doesn't take much to reduce your blood pressure

    Your challenge: reduce high blood pressure and prevent the risk of hypertension. Here's a series of practical hints to help you achieve your goal: they're simple, everyday things, starting with a high-fiber diet and a little exercise.

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  • A check-up: an assessment from head-to-toe

    Is keeping healthy important to you? Having a complete check-up is the best way to take care of yourself, prevent future illnesses or keep them under control. Your doctor will tell you which tests to do for your general check-up ...

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  • Needle and thread to stitch the wound

    An important message: you'll need stitches if you've got a deep wound that reaches the fatty tissue. The sutures used to stitch the wound help by closing it up and allowing the tissue to heal over. We'll go through all the ...

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  • Wet or dry cough - it's not about weight

    Coughing is a protective mechanism by the body to free the windpipe or lungs of substances that can obstruct them, like catarrh, or irritate them, like cigarette smoke. There are various types of cough; we'll learn to recognize ...

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  • When fresh air helps to heal wounds

    You will often have heard about how important it is to leave a wound exposed to the air so it can heal, but it's not always the case. We'll explain when and why a wound should be covered up.

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  • Exercise that helps reduce blood pressure

    Do you suffer from high blood pressure? All it takes is a little movement and light physical activity to keep it under control, though some sports, such as weightlifting, must be carried out with caution. Here are some things to ...

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  • 5 top tips for a painless injection!

    Here are some tips, as well as some practical and psychological advice for dealing with having an injection. Relaxing and massaging the injection site beforehand can make the procedure less painful.

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