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  • Intestinal cleansing with complete peace of mind

    So you've decided to try intestinal cleansing? Excellent decision - you're well on the way to continued health. After the treatment you'll have a general feeling of well-being, thanks to the toxins being eliminated from your ...

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  • All the advantages of measuring your own blood pressure

    Did you know that measuring your own blood pressure makes you more relaxed? At home, you'll get more predictable results, and you can store the readings and email them to your doctor. Let's look at all the undoubted advantages of ...

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  • Everything you need to know about urine tests during pregnancy

    It's official - you're going to be a mother in 9 months! If you're pregnant, you need to be aware that urine tests, along with blood tests, are ones that you'll need to do increasingly frequently. They'll let you and your ...

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  • Are you familiar with the 2 main injection techniques?

    Arrow or Z-track? We'll talk about the 2 main injection techniques: the standard method and the Z-track.

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  • Reduce fever! 5 secrets to getting it down

    Had enough of your fever? Drink lots of water, wear layers, and apply ice packs. Final advice? Try taking a tepid shower.

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  • The anti-hypertension menu: diet makes the difference

    Your battle against hypertension begins at the table. A few simple dietary rules can prevent and sometimes even cure high blood pressure. Cut down on salt and look for foods with a high potassium concentration. Many of these ...

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  • Is your wound about to be ambushed by infection?

    Have you hurt yourself and you're worried it might be getting infected? To be absolutely sure, and to put your mind at ease, here are the signs to help you learn to recognize the main symptoms of infection. If none of these alarm ...

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  • Nebulization therapy: 3 things to do (and 3 to avoid)

    If you're about to turn on the nebulizer, wait just a moment. There are some things you need to learn to do first, like breathing through your mouth if you have bronchitis, for example, as well as some you must absolutely avoid, ...

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  • The perfect temperature for sweet dreams

    We spend 30% of our time sleeping. The ideal temperature in a bedroom to wake up well-rested is no warmer than 20° C (68° F), but also keep in mind the air we breathe in while we're sleeping. These are all factors that affect your ...

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