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  • Hypo? No panic! Some tips to prevent and manage low blood sugar

    Hypoglycaemia is not a rare event for diabetic patients who use insulin or oral medication. It’s known as “hypo” in slang, and - regardless of the “fun” diminutive – it can make you feel more vulnerable and less free. However, ...

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  • All the tricks you need to use a nebulizer for your child

    If you have a child and you've already had to deal with nebulizing, you'll know what we're talking about. Little ones don't like having to breathe with a face mask on or through a mouthpiece. But technology, imagination and ...

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  • Infrared thermometers: how to take accurate temperatures without ...

    Did you know that a contact or contactless infrared thermometer is the quickest way of taking your temperature? It's also very user friendly, but you must take a few minor precautions to get an accurate reading.

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  • Treatment for diabetes: insulin, lifestyle and calories

    As you will know, there are different types of diabetes, and some are more serious than others. One piece of advice: you should always consult with your diabetes specialist to explore the best treatment for you. For now, here's a ...

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  • Let's find out about neck and back pain, including lower back pain

    So you've got a little pain in your back, another one in your neck... Let's find out how to identify pain in the most important parts of the body and about things we can do in our daily routine - a little stretching, a mattress ...

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  • Keep calm and carry on: 4 dos and don'ts for treating cuts ...

    So you've cut yourself? No worries, just stay cool. There are a few things you need to do to deal with a minor injury, like assessing and staunching the bleeding. Let's find out all about it together.

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  • Checking blood glucose levels for everyone, not just for people ...

    So you think you might have diabetes? Or do you just want to find out your blood sugar levels? Here are a few rules to follow before your screening, like fasting overnight and not smoking.

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  • Is heat or cold the best first aid treatment for pain?

    Have you just had an orthopedic procedure or finished a tough training session? Are you in pain? Cold and heat therapy are there to help you get past the first stage before you can make it to the doctor. Here are some practical ...

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  • When a drug gets going with an intramuscular injection

    Did you know that the muscles have more blood supply and are less sensitive than subcutaneous tissue? That's how they tolerate drugs more easily. Drugs are administered into the muscle when the active ingredient needs to act ...

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