Nebulization therapy particles that fight allergies

You heard right: nebulizing is the right, although not the only, solution for treating allergic forms of asthma or lung infections, especially if your child suffers from these conditions. Let's find out which drugs are recommended for treating them.

Don't be alarmed if your doctor has recommended nebulizing for you or your child, it's not unusual! All it means is that you need to take medication through your nose with a nebulizer. Keep in mind that nebulization therapy is one of the main ways of treating your allergies, especially asthma and inflammation of the lungs.

Put an end to allergies with nebulization therapy

Trust your doctor; you'll be able to take care of your allergies and your child's too with nebulization therapy. You'll have access to drugs for preventing illness, for avoiding allergic reactions and also therapeutic ones for putting an end to the condition. If your child has inflammation of the lungs, for example, your doctor might recommend nebulizing with anti-inflammatory drugs; the most commonly used ones these days are cortizone-based.

The drug works 100% when it's nebulized

If your child makes a wheezing sound when he breathes, there's no need to call the exorcist. Obviously we're joking, it's likely he's only having bronchial spasms, which is when the lungs restrict due to an allergy of the airways. If that's the case, your doctor will prescribe a bronchodilating drug. It's good to keep in mind that nebulizing is the most suitable treatment for this sort of allergy because there is almost 100% absorption of the active ingredient.

Nebulizing prevents allergies, but it doesn't stop attacks

With nebulization therapy, you and your child also have access to 'preventive' drugs, which are aimed at avoiding future allergic attacks like those caused by asthma. It's likely that you'll need drugs for dilating the lungs too; your doctor will advise you. But don't get confused: these solutions can't stop an asthma attack that's in progress.

The magic 3: allergies, aerosol and cortizone

If you or your child suffer from asthma, nebulizing is one of the few treatments that will allow you to move forward. Why is that? That's easy, it's the only solution that allows you to have ongoing treatment with cortizone drugs, which are the only ones that can successfully treat inflammation of the lungs.

Cortizone is less harmful when administered with a nebulizer

You will certainly have heard about the side effects of cortizone, but don't worry; when these drugs are administered by nebulization and under medical supervision, the effects are negligible. However, when taken orally, they can have generalized side effects and a doctor will only prescribe them if absolutely necessary.

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