Earplugs for noise protection and lots more

There are ones to wear on planes or in the pool. Technology now offers a wide range in earplugs. If you want to protect yourself by insulating yourself from the world, you'll need to buy polyurethane ones, and if you work in a factory, you might find the banded earplugs useful. It's time to get buying! Don't worry though, we're here to help you choose the ones that are best for you for protecting your eardrums from noise, foreign bodies, dust, water and wind.

For complete silence, there are polyurethane earplugs

Do you love to sleep completely insulated from the outside world? So you can't even hear a fly? Then polyurethane foam earplugs are right for you: it's one of the only materials that guarantees noise reduction by 35 decibels (standard foam or wax earplugs only reduce noise by 28 decibels). These earplugs come either cone- or T-shaped and can be molded to suit you - they can be shaped to the contour of any ear, like standard foam and wax ones. You just have to remember that they're disposable, so throw them out when you wake up.

Choose silicone earplugs for the pool

If you're an experienced swimmer, you'll already know that you need to constantly protect your ears from the risk of infection. And technology has worked in your favour, because now there are earplugs perfectly designed for lovers of the sea and the swimming pool. They're usually made of silicone and when you put them in, your ears will be completely protected from water. Keep in mind that these earplugs can only be used a few times. Can we suggest, if you're not sure how to look after them, that you change them whenever you go in the water.

Are you flying overseas? Use earplugs designed for air travel

If you love traveling to exotic places, it's good to know that there are earplugs available designed specifically to protect your ears from the pain caused by changes in cabin pressure when flying. An interesting fact for you: many pilots insist on wearing this distinctive type of earplug with a porous ceramic insert in the cockpit at all times. You didn't have time to buy this type of earplug? Don't worry, some airlines already hand out foam earplugs to make your trip even more comfortable.

If you're surrounded by noise, banded earplugs are the answer

Do you work in a noisy environment like a factory? Are you part of a band? You should always wear earplugs so you don't ruin your hearing. Banded earplugs are available on the market; it's basically a plastic band with noise protectors on either end. If you're constantly exposed to noise, these are for you. And keep in mind that banded earplugs let you hear and talk to your colleagues easily.

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