Blood sugar monitoring to suit everyone's needs

Did you know that you can adapt your blood sugar meter to suit your needs and preferences? From the dimensions of the display to the capacity of the memory and the convenience factor. Here's a short guide to help you talk to your diabetes specialist about the blood sugar meter that's best for you.

Your meter is part of your everyday life: it's your faithful portable ally for routine blood glucose tests. Thanks to the help and results it provides, you can find out the concentration of glucose in your blood. It plays a very important role that's not only crucial for correcting your diet and your physical activity, if necessary, but also for allowing you to regulate drugs more accurately.

The first time you do a blood glucose test

If this is the first time you're using a blood sugar meter, we suggest you ask your doctor for advice as he will help you choose which one is best. Don't forget to do your research beforehand though, keeping a few guidelines in mind so you can find the meter that's right for you.

If your eyesight isn't good, the size of the display is important

Are you far-sighted? You can't see very well close-up? Then smaller-sized displays might be a problem for you when it comes to reading the results of the blood sugar test. In which case, we suggest you and your doctor consider a meter with a larger screen; there are even some that are back-lit! And keep in mind that there are ones available that can read you the result out loud, if necessary.

Are you always traveling for work? Think about a portable kit for doing your blood glucose testing

If you're always traveling for work, you might need a type of blood glucose meter that suits your "high-speed" life style. If so, it's good to know that there's one that comes as a practical portable kit, so you'll always have everything you need with you to check your blood glucose levels wherever you are.

Check blood sugar levels in a flash

Are you always in a rush? Well, the latest versions of blood sugar meters can now give results in just a few seconds. But remember to always consult with your doctor, as he can tell you if it's the right choice for you.

When blood glucose testing is all about memory and PDFs

To save the history of your blood glucose tests and to check improvements and your state of health, there are meters with "increased memory": their storage can memorize between 100-250 readings. And if you're a bit technical, you'll already know about meters that can be managed online: with specialized software they communicate with computers and download all the results right to your PC. What do you need to do it? A USB cable or just a wireless connection. And you can save the whole history of your blood glucose tests as a PDF, or send it to your doctor.

As you're well aware, only your doctor or diabetes specialist can give you guidance about diabetes treatment and the choices of various instruments. The aim of this article is to suggest ideas and information to help enhance the discussion with your doctor, so that you can find the solutions that are right for you and your lifestyle together.

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