Syringes and disinfectant wipes for performing injections with complete peace of mind

What's the right equipment needed for doing an injection safely and with complete peace of mind? That's easy: a syringe and a disinfectant wipe. Here's a guide to find out what's available these days: from disposable syringes to disinfectant solutions.

The disposable syringe: use it and throw it away

An injection coming up? A disposable syringe is the easiest option: once the injection's done, it can be disposed of, with its needle cap on, in designated recycling containers.

It's not just disposable, it's also retractable

Did you know that there are types of disposable syringes available with retractable needles that eliminate the exposure to infected blood and the risk of infection from needlestick injuries? 
When the injection is done, the needle automatically retracts, avoiding any accidental contact with the skin.

The "legible" syringe

If the figures on the disposable syringe can't be read easily, the wrong dose of drug could be administered. That's why the transparency of the plunger and the legibility of the graduated scale are 2 very important factors in a disposable syringe.

The disinfectant wipe for guarding against bacteria

Normally a disinfectant wipe is used to clean the injection site and to reduce the amount of bacteria before administering the injection, which often comes as a swab or a cotton wool ball. But what is a disinfectant wipe? It's material that's soaked in antibacterial and softening solutions that disinfect the injection site.

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