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  • Nebulization therapy particles that fight allergies

    You heard right: nebulizing is the right, although not the only, solution for treating allergic forms of asthma or lung infections, especially if your child suffers from these conditions. Let's find out which drugs are recommended ...

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  • Choose the dressings and bandages you need with complete peace of mind

    It's good to keep in mind that dressings, bandages and adhesive bandages act like a sort of substitute skin while cuts, sprains and other minor accidents and ailments are healing. When used correctly, they will take care of your ...

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  • Pregnancy tests: choose depending on how long you can wait

    It's time to do a pregnancy test... but which one to use? Traditional tests are done 12 days after fertilization and at least 3 days after a missed period, but you'll also find tests that give an answer a few days before the ...

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  • Digital automatic blood pressure monitors: a review

    Don't know how to choose between the various digital automatic blood pressure monitors on the market? The answer is easy: it all depends on your lifestyle and specific needs. There are various parameters you can evaluate before ...

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  • Ovulation tests: the science of the "right moment"

    Can't get pregnant? Rule no. 1 is don't get stressed out! There are tests that can help you work out when is the right moment to have sex. Ovulation tests tell you when your fertile period is about to start. Let's explore the ...

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  • After surgery, your wound needs you!

    Surgical wounds are no joke: that's why you need to know the rules and solutions to ensure a quick healing process. First step: keep the area where you'll be spending most of your time spotless. As for treating the wound, you'll ...

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  • The best apps for managing diabetes

    It's all thanks to technology: nowadays you can even manage diabetes on your mobile phone. You can download lots of different apps that are all for the same purpose - to help you monitor your diabetes. They're important digital ...

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  • Choosing the right remedy for burns

    Burnt yourself, but not seriously? Don't be alarmed: you'll need a little first aid and then some longer-term protection. Let us choose the best remedies for burns together.

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  • Thermometers: comparing their accuracy

    Buying a thermometer? Then you'll need to know which ones are the most accurate and reliable. This varies depending on the model and the technology it uses, so let's look at the ones you can rely on.

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