Digital automatic blood pressure monitors: a review

Don't know which model to choose from the various digital automatic blood pressure monitors on the market? The answer is simple: it all depends on your lifestyle and specific needs. You should know that there are various parameters you can evaluate before buying a digital monitor, from the display to the level of comfort, monitors with memory, and cuff self-inflation systems.

Are you a frequent traveller? Choose a device that fits in your suitcase

If you often have to take your blood pressure when you're travelling for pleasure or on business, check which size of automatic digital monitor is right for you. There are devices on the market for travellers like you, which fit neatly into a corner of your suitcase or your car's glovebox, and may attach to your arm or your wrist.

The blood pressure monitor that remembers

If you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure over the longer term, there's no need to write down all the readings in a diary. If you really want to check your most recent blood pressure figures, why not choose a digital monitor with a large memory? Some models available today can store up to 120 readings, and some will calculate the average of the latest ones.

Check the display size

If you have eyesight or reading problems, the ideal digital blood pressure monitor for you is undoubtedly one that's easy to read without a magnifying glass. Some models on sale offer a simplified interpretation of the data without sacrificing accuracy.

Monitors that analyze arrhythmia

Is your heartbeat often irregular? Bear in mind that there are digital arm and wrist blood pressure monitors on the market capable of identifying an irregular heart rate.

Traffic-light monitors

Maths not your strong point? Some digital automatic blood pressure monitors show not only a numeric value, but a colour scale similar to a traffic light. Don't worry: this system is certified by the World Health Organization. But there may be cause for concern if you see a red light.

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