The aerosol you can wear

Did you know aerosol therapy just got much easier, thanks to wearable devices? Let’s find out more about this new approach to tackling airway illnesses.

The world of aerosol will never be the same. In addition to traditional models, today we have devices that can be worn just like a regular facemask, allowing users greater freedom of movement. These new nebulisers on the market merge the benefits of piston aerosol machines, in terms of effective nebulisation, with the more silent operation typical of ultrasound devices.

The all-in-one aerosol

The aerosol therapy revolution starts with design. New devices have been developed to bring all the features of a regular nebuliser – from the reservoir holding the medication to the mask – into a single, compact and lightweight solution. This type of aerosol device finally gives you the freedom to work, study, play, cook and move around during therapy. 

Wearable technology

Mesh technology grants new models the desired lightness and compact size, ensuring the device is as quiet as an ultrasound model and as versatile as a piston version, without having to compromise on treatment speed.

Use it with your smartphone

Wearable nebuliser devices can be powered by using an internal battery, or – for even lighter models – by connecting them to any smartphone. In the latter case, the control unit – i.e. the heart of the device – is often incorporated in the same USB cable used to connect to any tablet or power bank. By not including an additional battery, these devices also have a smaller impact on the environment when they are disposed of.

Comfort: a new era in aerosol therapy

Wearable nebulisers with Mesh technology are the result of complex engineering, yet are easy to use and extremely quiet. When in use, these devices make as much noise as the wind blowing in the trees. Close to zero for the human ear. It’s a whole new way for aerosol therapy – offering freedom, ease of use and effectiveness all in one.

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