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  • Treatment for diabetes: insulin, lifestyle and calories

    As you will know, there are different types of diabetes, and some are more serious than others. One piece of advice: you should always consult with your diabetes specialist to explore the best treatment for you. For now, here's a ...

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  • 5 common myths about diabetes, from diet to lifestyle

    A lot of cliches going around about diabetes haven't always been confirmed. Here are 5 myths about diabetes that need to be debunked immediately: from diet to sugar consumption and insulin injections.

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  • Suspect diabetes? All you need to know about testing and risk factors

    Could you be at risk for diabetes? Do you have symptoms that match the diagnosis for diabetes, or simply are at an age when a regular check-up is recommended? In any case, your doctor will suggest a screening test to ascertain the ...

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  • The best apps for managing diabetes

    It's all thanks to technology: nowadays you can even manage diabetes on your mobile phone. You can download lots of different apps that are all for the same purpose - to help you monitor your diabetes. They're important digital ...

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  • Everything you need to know about natural sweeteners for diabetes

    There are new sweeteners available like stevia aimed at helping people with diabetes deal with their blood glucose levels. Here we'll talk all about their characteristics, properties and their pros and cons, to help make your ...

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  • Blood sugar monitoring to suit everyone's needs

    Did you know that you can adapt your blood sugar meter to suit your needs and preferences? From the dimensions of the display to the capacity of the memory and the convenience factor. Here's a short guide to help you talk to your ...

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  • Diabetes and DNA, no strings attached

    The scientific community has no clear answer yet as to whether diabetes is hereditary or not. Diabetes has a genetic component, which however is often not enough, on its own, to trigger the onset of the disorder. One of the ...

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  • Stories and interesting facts about 10 famous people with diabetes

    Actors, writers, musicians and Nobel Prize winners: diabetes even happens to celebrities. Here's a list of VIPs and great performers who live with diabetes. It’s not a question of people with diabetes following their example just ...

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  • All the different types of diabetes

    Diabetes comes in many different forms: some more serious, like Type 1 diabetes, while others are more common, like diabetes Type 2 or those connected with pregnancy, like gestational diabetes. All these different types of this ...

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  • SmartCase

    A pocket dispenser with protected compartments for 5 pen needles. Designed in Pic's Diabetes Care laboratories.

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  • Insumed Syringes (1 ml)

    Sterile, disposable syringes with a 1 ml Pic needle: an effective tool for your insulin injections.

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  • Insupen Advanced 34G

    Insupen 34G is Pic’s shortest and thinnest pen needle in the Insupen Advanced range, the crowning achievement of the Indolor Experience™ research.

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