Individual plasters

Pic Sutura plasters

Medium-depth cuts strip plasters

A quick solution
for medium-depth injuries.


Pic Sutura is a full range of professional sterile adhesive strips in non-woven fabric.

Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and latex free, they have been created to help the healing process of medium-depth cuts or injuries (around 5 mm deep).


When treating medium-depth injuries, the Pic Sutura adhesive strips are a great alternative to surgical stitches or staples, both of which require medical assistance and can also cause visible scarring.

Made with a special reinforced weave, these strips guarantee the support and tension necessary to keep both sides of the wound together.


The quick, easy and painless application of Pic Sutura strips helps the wound edges to adhere together closely, aiding the natural healing process and creating a secure scar with no unsightly joins.


You can find the Pic Sutura range in 4 different formats:

  • 10 strips of 3 x 75 mm
  • 6 strips of 6 x 75 mm
  • 10 strips of 6 x 100 mm
  • 6 strips of 12 x 100 mm

How to recognize a medium-depth wound?

Easy - just check that the injury has the following characteristics:

• A maximum depth of around 5 mm
• Light or no blood loss
• Clean, non-jagged edges
• No signs of infection
• No head or body hair around the injury

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