Digital thermometers


With fever alarm

Keep an eye on fever.


A digital thermometer that helps you to read results quickly.


It takes a minute to check your temperature and tells you the result using 2 opposing visual signals: if the temperature is below 37.5°C, the device shows a green light, but if it is above 37.5°C, the display is in red, indicating the presence of fever.


It's the only product in the Pic range to have a visual fever alert. But that's not all: it has a flexible probe and a large display. Also, apart from the visual signal, it continues to sound a audible alarm when the measurement is complete or the temperature exceeds 37.5°C.


DLS stands for Design Language Solutions, the philosophy followed in the development of Pic products, responding to people’s specific needs and inspired by natural forms.Families told us they wanted simplicity, and we took up the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion.We've made many improvements to our products, and you can see and feel them for yourself. They include rounded forms, the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and clear, reassuring outlines.

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