To administer insulin therapy


Pen needles

Almost pain-free injections.


Sterile, disposable pen needles using the Pic needle, created in line with the IndolorTM Experience principles.


They give you a comfortable and practically painless injection thanks to Pic technology, including an exceptionally small outer diameter, thinner walls, triple sharpening and the lubricating treatment of the needles.



Firstly, the wide range available of diameters and lengths means you can choose the ideal needle for your requirements.

Take the 34G needle: it's the smallest Pic needle ever created, with a 0.18 mm diameter and 3.5 mm length, meaning it is less invasive and lets you conquer your fear of needles through an almost pain-free injection.

The creation of the Thin Wall is another great feature: this wide internal diameter means the flow of insulin is faster, reducing the injection time overall. But the real secret is in the needle: with triple sharpening and a lubricating treatment to ensure easier surface penetration, smooth flow into the skin and an overall reduction in pain.

What's more, the 34G, 33G, 32G and 31G needles all use Extreme geometry: long, narrow angles for a less painful injection. The needle point has also had an anti-friction treatment applied, which helps it to glide into insulin cartridges, meaning fewer fragments overall.


Pen needles are available in multiple lengths and diameters in a 100-piece unit.

Diameter length
34G x 0,18mm 3,5mm
33G x 0,20mm 4mm
32G x 0,23mm 4mm
32G x 0,23mm 6mm
32G x 0,23mm 8mm
31G x 0,25mm 5mm
31G x 0,25mm 6mm
31G x 0,25mm 8mm
30G x 0,30mm 8mm
29G x 0,33mm 12mm
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