To administer insulin therapy

Insupen 34G

Pen needles 34G

The shortest, finest and most delicate pen needle from Pic.


Insupen 34G is the shortest and finest Pic pen needle, a premium product developed thanks to Indolor Experience™ research.


It lets you carry out quick, easy and stress-free injections, taking away any fear of needles.
Insupen 34G reduces the invasive nature of injections as it goes no further than the subcutaneous level required for administration.



An external diameter of 0.18 mm and a length of 3.5 mm make this Pic pen needle the finest and shortest of the Insupen range, for an even gentler experience.

Extreme triple sharpening further lessens any discomfort, as the special shape of the tip means that the needle has less friction and penetrates the skin more easily.

Finally, the High Flow Thin Wall offers a quick injection time, thanks to the internal diameter of the walls.

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