To administer insulin therapy

Insumed Syringes (1 ml)

1 ml insulin syringes

Simple insulin syringes


Sterile, disposable syringes with a 1 ml Pic needle: an effective tool for your insulin injections.


Triple-sharpened Pic needles give a light, almost painless injection. They have a bigger capacity than other syringes in the Pic range, so are ideal for mixing different types of insulin.


They are Zero-Space syringes. This means the needle is fixed directly to the body of the syringe, reducing the space in which insulin could accumulate, so you get exactly the quantity you need. The magnifying glass included in the pack helps you to read the graduated scale easily. The flat rubber washer is in contact with the transparent cylinder of the syringe in three places, so it stays firmly in place during aspiration and injection. Because it's latex free, it also prevents allergic reactions. The final detail? A stop inside the cylinder, so the plunger doesn't come out of the end.


The syringe is available in 2 versions with different needle diameters:

  • 30G x 8mm
  • 30G x 12,7mm

Both types come in packs of 30, split into 3 protective packs of 10 syringes each. There is one magnifying glass per pack.

Every syringe also comes with a needle cap, a plunger cap and a sterility seal.

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