Fast measurement for all

Smart Rapid

For people who need practicality

Comfort and speed,
worn on your wrist.


It's the smartest automatic digital blood pressure monitor in the Rapid range. The only wrist-type device in the range, for the needs of frequent travellers and those preferring a compact, discreet instrument that doesn't put pressure on the arm. Designed and made in accordance with the DLS philosophy, offering distinctive ergonomic and functional performance.


It offers you all the advantages of Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience technology with measurement during the inflation phase for a fast, comfortable result.What's more, the backlit screen makes it possible to read values even in low-light conditions.If you're always on the move and want to maintain your freedom, here are all the latest-generation functions in a discreet, compact and practical monitor. Designed to be worn like a watch.


All you need for a comprehensive check in a small space. Smart Rapid has a sensor that highlights any irregularities in your heartbeat, an arm movement monitoring system that tells you when these could compromise the reliability of the measurement, and a useful indicator that updates your blood pressure level.It also automatically calculates the average of the last 3 measurements and, thanks to a memory that records the results of your last 60 checks, lets you create a useful clinical diary to show your doctor.


Smart Rapid comes in a practical and discreet case, designed to take up little space in your bag or elsewhere.
It is guaranteed for 5 years.


DLS stands for Design Language Solutions, the philosophy followed in the development of Pic products, responding to specific people’s needs and inspired by natural forms. Families told us they wanted simplicity, and we took up the challenge with our usual enthusiasm and passion. We've made many improvements to our products, and you can see and feel them for yourself. They include rounded forms, the predominant use of white, handles redesigned for intuitive comfort, clearly visible displays, smaller buttons for speed and ease of use, and clear, reassuring outlines.

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