The right blood pressure meter if you have diabetes

Do you have both diabetes and high blood pressure? It’s normal: these 2 conditions are often closely connected, and you should monitor both carefully. So, don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends using a glucometer as well as a blood pressure monitor. You can find different models at the pharmacy: here is a guide to help you choose the best one for you.

Do you basically live inside your smartphone? Pick a smart blood pressure monitor

If you rely on apps to be your personal assistants, choose a blood pressure monitor that connects to your device (we assume you already have a smart glucometer). Connected blood pressure monitors are fast and allow you to store your readings over time, right in your smartphone’s memory. These monitors can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and also let you schedule measurements and check trends. Convenient, right?

If you have a hard time seeing, watch the screen

Your blood pressure measurements, just like the blood sugar level on your glucometer, should always be clear and visible. If you are presbyopic, i.e. farsighted, we recommend choosing a digital blood pressure monitor with a screen that is large enough to easily read your measurements.

Cuffs are not a problem with inflation mode technology

If measuring your blood pressure feels like a boa is wrapped around your arm and you can’t stand the constriction, you’ll be happy to know new technologies are available on the market that can make measurements more comfortable. Some monitors in fact calculate blood pressure readings while the cuff inflates, so they are faster and stress your arm less. It’s known as “inflation mode technology” and is perfect for you if you dislike the idea of a tight cuff on your arm. Still worried that the cuff will be too small for your arm? The solution for you is simple: pick a wrist blood pressure monitor with inflation mode technology.

Monitors with internal memory

Never warmed up to smartphones? You’re fine with a glucometer that does not connect? If new technologies are not your forte, you can rely on a digital blood pressure monitor with an internal memory: some models store up to 60 measurements, allowing you to check values over time and share them with your doctor during the next check-up.

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