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  • All the tricks you need to use a nebulizer for your child

    If you have a child and you've already had to deal with nebulizing, you'll know what we're talking about. Little ones don't like having to breathe with a face mask on or through a mouthpiece. But technology, imagination and ...

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  • Infrared thermometers: how to take accurate temperatures without ...

    Did you know that a contact or contactless infrared thermometer is the quickest way of taking your temperature? It's also very user friendly, but you must take a few minor precautions to get an accurate reading.

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  • Treatment for diabetes: insulin, lifestyle and calories

    As you will know, there are different types of diabetes, and some are more serious than others. One piece of advice: you should always consult with your diabetes specialist to explore the best treatment for you. For now, here's a ...

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  • SOS: ice and wrapping are the best first aid for sprains

    It's a well-known fact that sprains are the most common orthopedic injuries. For years, the main treatment was a plaster cast, but the various types of bandages available these days mean you can avoid that, as well as the ...

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  • Syringes and disinfectant wipes for performing injections with ...

    What's the right equipment needed for doing an injection safely and with complete peace of mind? That's easy: a syringe and a disinfectant wipe. Here's a guide to find out what's available these days: from disposable syringes to ...

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  • Total immersion in the world of disposable syringes and needles

    From disposable syringes and holders, which are devices used with disposable needles, to pre-filled syringes. The world of needles: are you familiar with the "butterfly" needle?

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  • Asthma and panic attacks: there seems to be a clear connection

    Asthma isn't a psychosomatic condition, or simply the manifestation of a mental disorder; it's a proper and very real respiratory disease. Over the last 10 years, however, scientists have continued to research the link between ...

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  • Stories and interesting facts about 10 famous people with diabetes

    Actors, writers, musicians and Nobel Prize winners: diabetes even happens to celebrities. Here's a list of VIPs and great performers who live with diabetes. It’s not a question of people with diabetes following their example just ...

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  • The future of diabetes: an artificial pancreas and oral insulin

    The latest advancements in diabetes treatment, from an artificial pancreas to insulin pills, could change the quality of life of people who have it in just a few years. These are new devices and drugs that are the result of ...

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  • MiniPharm

    A first-aid kit that's ready to use for you to keep close at hand, whether you're at home or elsewhere.

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  • First-Aid Box

    A first-aid kit specifically designed for the workplace that complies with the new ministerial legislation D.M. no. 388 of 15 July 2003 that requires ...

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  • Soffix Med post-op plaster

    A non-woven backing plaster for large-scale surgical wounds, with an antibacterial chlorhexidine pad, which is both breathable and highly absorbent.

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